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Salvation what is it

Posted: November 23, 2013 in Messages
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What is Salvation?

What is Salvation? What does that mean? Are we saved? Can I be saved and what shall I do to be saved?  Do I have to be perfect to be saved?  These are all good questions.  Salvation is being saved, protected from harm; being saved or delivered from some dire situation. When we talk about salvation we mean this: the saving of the soul from sin and its consequences.

Sometimes we over think and worry so much about what we have done, We view our lives and say there is no need to be save; God doesn’t want a sinner like me and I am so beyond repair; not even if I repent, I can’t be saved.  Well what if I said to you that all you need to do is to come empty handed and receive it; no work, no perfection just as you are; a free gift; you don’t need to purchase anything or sign a contract.  Some of you are thinking right now and saying sure – everything comes at a cost nothing is free in this world. You are correct nothing free but Jesus paid the price for us.  (more…)